RockBrands began with rocking brands by use of design, but what is design if there is no one to see it?


Therefore, we set up our own team of specialists in not only design, but also in videos, marketing, web development and much more!


A few years later RockBrands has grown to a real one-stop shop where every brand is welcome to grow their business with us. With our specialist team we never cease to deliver amazing results!


Let’s have a look and see what we can do for you!

RockBrands, founded in 2018, is a multi-media agency which carries out a wide variety of projects, ranking from marketing, visuals, and graphics to things like physical designs.


Our professional team consisting of graphic designers, 3D Designers, Illustrators, Video Animators, Marketers, and video Directors lead our clients from A to Z through a project, in order to deliver a final product or goal with guaranteed results. Our years of experience in online marketing and different industries ensure we can support and fulfill our client’s wishes.


The reasoning behind RockBrands was to create a platform where creativity and consumption intersect and merge with one another. Our creativity and hard work have allowed us to take on and successfully complete projects for a varying clientele.